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Performer Spotlight on... POPPY CHERRY!

Take one part rum floozy and two parts cheesecake, add a dash of sauce, give it a fierce shake and grind and you have Poppy Cherry in an hourglass!

Poppy Cherry Burlesque Melbourne Showboat Nightlife Entertainment

Image by 42nd St Photography

If you're a regular aboard the Burlesque Showboat, chances are you've met this little lady. She has been wowing crows on the showboat for years; both as a burlesque performer and as the resident Mistress of Ceremonies! She's playful as a pussycat with a whole lot of bombshell glamour and a devilish amount of innuendo up her sleeve. Poppy Cherry has been wrapping audiences around her little finger for over 9 years, with her energetic, theatrical take on classic burlesque.

With an extensive list of achievements and performances both on and off the stage, Poppy Cherry is a burlesque performer, MC, producer, stylist, burlesque teacher, pastie maker and is also the co-director of Melbourne burlesque wonder-space 'Maison Burlesque'… Is there anything this little lady can't do?! Having performed her unique brand of tease nation wide, Poppy's production credits also include working as Entertainment Manager for Burlesque Bar, the Stage Manager for the Australian Burlesque Festival national tour, Entertainment Manager for the Burlesque Showboat, Entertainment Manager for Phillip Island Burlesque Festival, as well as numerous of her own productions including Stage Fright!, Poppy’s Peepshow, The Hoochie Coochie Club, Burlesque De Vine, and the annual Oktoberfest Burlesque event.

Poppy Cherry Pinup Burlesque Performer Melbourne

Image by 42nd St Photography

Come and see Poppy Cherry performing on The Burlesque Showboat on:

Saturday June 17th at The Burlesque Masquerade Cruise

Saturday September 16th at The Jungle Boogie Tiki Party

Come and see Poppy Cherry as the Mistress of Ceremonies onboard The Burlesque Showboat on:

Saturday July 22nd at The Great Gatsby Burlesque Cruise

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