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Performer Spotlight on... Ladies in Waiting!

We’re excited to have The Ladies in Waiting joining us on board The Burlesque Showboat for our Bastille Day Burlesque on Saturday 13th of July! Ladies in Waiting is a highly satirical comedy burlesque trio. That's right! Not one...not two..but THREE ladies!

Photo by Vamp Studio - 42nd Street Photography

Straight from the chambers of King Louis the 14th…These classy noble ladies have a reputation among the court for showing off a little too much ankle and a lot of cheek!

Photo by Vamp Studio - 42nd Street Photography

Ladies in Waiting starlets Miss G. Veous (Miss G. Veous by Name and mischievous by nature), Frenchie Holiday (The little lady with a big attitude and derrière to match) and Velma Vouloir (Miss Burlesque Victoria 2018 winner with legs for days, patiences for seconds and scandal for years) took their corsets petticoats to the Australian Burlesque Festival to complete in 2018 New Follies and won the title of 1st runners up.

Photo by Vamp Studio - 42nd Street Photography

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