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Burlesque Show Boat News

Burlesque Showboat on Channel 7 Sunrise

Burlesque Showboat performers up at 5.30am for Channel 7 Sunrise!

If you were watching Channel 7 Sunrise on Thursday 24th May you may have caught some of our fabulous Burlesque Showboat performers in all their finery, up at the crack of dawn to film at the very un-showgirl-like time of 5.45am!

We had an absolute blast as performers Poppy Cherry, Miss Friby, Maple Rose, Miss Jane Doe, Liquor Lolly and Iva Grande added a little glitz and glamour to James Tobin's weather segments throughout the morning.

We even taught presenter James to tassel twirl! See how he fared in a sneak peak clip below (make sure you watch past the weather forecast for the big finale!

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