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Performer Spotlight on... TINA JOY!

She may look like a classic burlesque sweetheart, but don’t be deceived by Miss Tina Joy’s demure exterior... Within beats the heart of a classic burlesque diva!

This darling diamond embraces the art of striptease, infusing timeless bump and grind with elegance and glamour. Residing for a year in Europe, Tina Joy has now returned to her burlesque-home of Australia! Tina Joy has brought back with her a catalogue of international performances in some of the worlds most famous cities; from underground theatres in Rome to victorian chapels in Stockholm to Amsterdam's red-light district and more.

Tina has performed in Europe's biggest burlesque events; The Stockholm Burlesque Festival, The Caput Mundi Burlesque Awards and Galway Burlesque Festival, and most recently toured Japan as part of the Aussie Flim Flam Revue alongside much loved Australian burlesque stars and regular Burlesque Showboat performers Caterina Vitt, Miss Jane Doe and Jasper Jewel.

Upholding her titles of Porcapapessa and Queen of Seduction, Tina Joy continues to grace stages worldwide and is excited to be making an appearance on the Burlesque Showboat for The Great Gatsby Burlesque Cruise next Saturday July 22nd! You can purchase your tickets HERE.

Beware the twinkle in her eye- or that of her sparkling accoutrements; Tina Joy is a delicacy best served unclothed!

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