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Performer Spotlight on... Bella De Jac!

Glamour queen, party girl and powerhouse of the Australian Burlesque Industry Bella de Jac is here to steal your hearts and the contents of your liquor cabinet.

Bella De Jac Melbourne Burlesque Artist Dancer Showgirl

Image by Joel Devereux

Australia's Mistress of Tease, Bella de Jac is a darkly elegant whisper from the nihilistic 1930s, insidious, and sensual. Dancing with grace, elegance and reckless abandon. Soaring, surging, daring you to abandon your senses and give in to lust, to love...and to life. Having worked extensively across the UK, Australia and New Zealand, Bella has performed alongside leading artists such as Catherine D'Lish, Tigger!, Imogen Kelly, Captain Kidd, and Lola the Vamp.

Bella De Jac Burlesque Performer

Image by Nylon Riot

With a ridiculous number of titles, awards, and headlining tours under her belt, Bella maintains a careful balance of utter debauchery with serious hard work. Miss Burlesque Australia 2015, #31 and #50 in the last two consecutive 21st Century Burlesque Top 50, Bachelor of Creative Industries, headlining tours with the Australian Burlesque Festival, New Zealand Burlesque Festival, and Perth International Burlesque Festival, co-director of Beast Burlesque and Bitch Stole My Act, cast member of sell out show Baby Got Back, and managing director of the Australian Burlesque Museum.

Bella De Jac Performer Showgirl Burlesque Artist Melbourne Showboat

Described as both an exquisite creature and a powerful and captivating performer, Bella's penchant for pushing acceptable social boundaries is cleverly disguised by the grace and glamour of her shows. Bella de Jac is one mistress you won't want to keep a secret...

Bella De Jac will be joining us on board the Great Gatsby Burlesque Cruise next Friday April 27th. Book your TICKETS HERE!

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