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Performer Spotlight on... Ophelia Flower!

Sweeter than a Rose & more dangerous than Oleander... Ophelia Flower will catch you in her spell and keep you hot under the collar long after she's left you!

Ophelia Flower Burlesque Performer Melbourne

Image by UP Creative

Her love and passion for the art of Burlesque is visible in every creative, sexy, funny, and vivacious routine she performs.

Although Ophelia is a newcomer to the glamorous Burlesque world, she is not one to shy away from the spotlight. She began just 18 months ago after being inspired and mentored by the beautiful, naughty and hilariously talented Elena Gabrielle. Elena took Ophelia under her wing and taught her to push the boundaries, in all ways possible. It was from then on that she was hooked. Burlesque was her drug of choice and there was no turning back. Just a month later Ophelia was mentored by International Burlesque babe Zelia Rose. Zelia passed on her technique and sultry glamour and inspired Ophelia with her fierce routines.

Ophelia Flower Burlesque Performer

Image by 3 Fates Media

A newcomer to Burlesque but not to the stage, with more than 20 years of dance and theatre experience this blonde beauty knows how to woo a crowd. She has performed on international stages and in arenas and stadiums in front of thousands of people. Ophelia takes her inspiration from all styles of dance and all era's of music. There's nothing this girl can't do. In the last year Ophelia has gone on to headline in Buxom Burlesque's "BOOlesque" and "Superstitions" at 24 Moons. She has performed in regular shows at Melbourne's Speakeasy HQ, performed in Power Pussies and has gone on to win Victoria's Burlesque Idol. She wowed crowds in 2017 at the Australian Burlesque Festival and can't wait to bring her powerhouse acts to The Burlesque Showboat!

This New Folly is not one to be taken lightly. Ladies and Gentlemen, Ophelia Flower is here and she's just getting started.

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